ReferralCycle is a referral and sales network manager that connects you with your partners. Coordinate opportunities from people, sites, and more in one place!
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ReferralCycle: A Viral Approach to Doing Business

ReferralCycle is a free mass referral and opportunity sharing solution that helps you leverage your professional network. The premise of our viral networking solution is to reduce the time needed to accomplish tasks by leveraging your contacts effectively. You can use it to just send ideas/opportunities to your network of friends and professional contacts. But if youíre a sales professional, you can also use it to manage referrals from start to close!

We're not trying to replace systems like LinkedIn, but rather help you leverage those relationships effectively. ReferralCycle is not a directory; we provide quick action tools!

We get you started earlier in the process than solutions like Salesforce. ReferralCycle connects you and all of your business partners allowing you to exchange referrals and opportunities for FREE in the same system you use to track sales and performance - everyone having accounts that collaborate. This solution ties your entire professional network and fellow employees in the same system to close more business with less effort and redundancy.

Unlike CRMs such as Oncontact, Sage ACT! and AIM - we help you get, fulfill, and close referrals/deals in the same system. All of our solutions include one of the easiest processing/tracking systems that streamlines your efforts and reduces the time and resources needed to sell and close. Our technology and methodology is exceptional enough that it's licensed by multi-national companies. Plus, ReferralCycle user accounts are FREE!

The power of professional contacts and networking is to leverage those relationships Ė and thatís what we do! Start exchanging referrals and opportunities with an unlimited number of people today.

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While simple and accessible to novice technology users, ReferralCycle offers a lot for those who want more:
  • Mobile and Table "Quick Action" functions (messages, partner add, referrals, and more)
  • Automated referral capture and routing/coordination (from friends, websites, and more)
  • Automated internal/external reporting and scoring
  • Superior and proven deal process systems with real-time status updates to all parties
  • Close deal fulfilment and completion functions
  • Insane and relevant analytics (real-time)
  • Referral Club (where we connect referral sources)
  • ... more!