ReferralCycle is a referral and sales network manager that connects you with your partners. Coordinate opportunities from people, sites, and more in one place!
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ReferralCycle was designed to quickly connect you and your contacts to broadcast opportunities (ex: ideas, questions, messages, etc.) and share referrals from phone or PC. You can't do this if your friends/partners aren't in the system, so most people pull in their LinkedIn contacts.

I don't really give referrals, what does this have to do with me?

Good question. ReferralCycle is not just a free and very capable system for passing referrals, but also a great tool for broadcasting, sending, and organizing messages. WHY WOULD I USE REFERRALCYCLE FOR MESSAGES INSTEAD OF TEXTING OR EMAIL? Because we allow you to broadcast messages more easily and from all devices - to all or just defined groups of your contacts. Plus, we keep all your messages in easy to follow conversation threads that you can revisit weeks, months, or years later.

I do have referral relationships, but we already use other systems.

ReferralCycle is more cost effective and allows you to connect with an unlimited number of people for free. If you currently give referrals (for money, a networking group, or you're just a good partner), have the people you're working with sign up for a free account and then make you a partner. Then you'll have great reporting and tracking of these referrals, as well as the convenience of sending from your phone or PC when inspiration hits. Plus, we have special tools for networking groups, clubs, and organizations.

A simple correlation of how this system works comes from Facebook and Twitter. These systems are popular because you can easily share information with a mass audience and anyone can use them for free. ReferralCycle works much the same way. This system lets you easily share information with a mass audience and anyone can use it for free. But, unlike the other two systems, ReferralCycle is designed for professional activities such as referrals and broadcasting opportunities.

We take this concept a step further by not waiting on your contacts to sign up. This solution allows you to include your entire network, by pulling contacts from sources like LinkedIn. Once you do, 100% of these people are immediately actionable and can work with you! We understand that many of your friends and contacts aren't social media people and don't sign up for accounts, but they will help you if it's easy. We make that happen! Your contacts only need to get an account to do more than the basics. Once you use this system, you'll find that it leverages your network in ways you never thought possible. There is no easier way to work together!

You can use ReferralCycle to just send ideas/opportunities to your network of friends and professional contacts. But if you're a sales professional, you can also use it to manage referrals from start to close!

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ReferralCycle Definitions

Opportunity: A trackable message you broadcast to 1 or 10,000 contacts about an idea, question, or business opportunity.

Referral: A trackable formal item you send/receive from a specific person.