ReferralCycle is a referral and sales network manager that connects you with your partners. Coordinate opportunities from people, sites, and more in one place!
  Why Us
What This Does for You? – four quick examples:

1. You meet people all the time (conferences, social events, etc.). Once you exchange contact information, how do you leverage that relationship? We not only help you capture their information quickly - but also immediately send them ideas, opportunities, and referrals. So, you can meet someone at a conference and become ReferralCycle partners (remember they don’t have to sign up to become your partner). Then, you can immediately send them an opportunity from your phone (on the show floor) and both of you will have a record of that communication. You’re now taken even more seriously as a professional contact, as you’ve helped them within minutes of meeting – and they will be inclined to return the favor.

2. Business people often seek introductions to other professionals (for sales, talent, etc.). ReferralCycle allows you to quickly communicate with your entire network to ask if anyone has a relationship with the person you want to meet. So, you could be traveling and realize your efforts would be more effective if you could connect with someone from a certain company. From your phone, you can send out a question to some, or all, of your network. They will get an alert email and can respond from their phones or computers immediately, helping you connect the dots of the professionals they know to arrange the needed meeting. From that point forward, you and your network partners have a record of this thread of conversation that is much easier to follow and use than scattered texts and emails.

3. If you attend a networking club, fellow members likely have to give each other referrals with a set frequency (weekly, monthly, etc.). The value of these referrals can be diminished, or lost, by the process. In thousands of these clubs, members have to use a limited form/process from the group’s website or pen and paper. The nuance of the moment is lost when documenting hours/days later. That ends with ReferralCycle! We provide free personal accounts that work from phone, tablet, and PC. So, when a referral situation arises, you can take action that moment. These personal accounts can be clustered in a selective manner to automatically share reporting for the club. Plus, you can now broadcast opportunities, questions, or business ideas with your network using the same system and contact list you use for passing referrals. There is no easier way to provide/receive opportunities and referrals!

4. Sales professionals often have referral relationships with multiple entities (companies, networking clubs, etc.). ReferralCycle allows you to centralize all of the entry and tracking of these referrals in one place that’s accessible from your phone or computer. So, you can send referrals to five different companies (some of which are commissionable) and then have easy centralized tracking/reporting that you can share with all, including your networking clubs, that only shows their activity. If those organizations join our service, then you can specify your relationship with them and they’ll automatically receive your information - further minimizing paperwork. When your organizations join, this system allows you to connect with your entire professional network and fellow employees in the same system to close more business.

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While simple and accessible to novice technology users, ReferralCycle offers a lot for those who want more:
  • Mobile and Table "Quick Action" functions (messages, partner add, referrals, and more)
  • Automated referral capture and routing/coordination (from friends, websites, bulk lead sources, and more)
  • Automated internal/external reporting and scoring
  • Superior and proven deal process systems with real-time status updates to all parties
  • Close deal fulfilment and completion functions
  • Insane and relevant analytics (real-time)
  • Referral Club (where we connect referral sources)
  • ... more!